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What is Four Way Electical Coverter?

Date:2019-10-29 02:08:18 click:182

The electronic converter device adopts advanced electronic circuit control, intelligent automatic switching of mains, wind power, diesel generators and solar power, greatly reducing the time for power supply recovery when the mains is stopped, safe and convenient.

Voltages ranging from 110 volts to 300 volts can be used. When the voltage is outside the range, the electronic converter will automatically enter the power-off protection state, and the normal operation will start after the voltage returns to the normal range: when four different power supply colleagues supply power. Always use L1-L4 in front of the power supply, there is no conflict between each other. Each time the power is cut off, the power supply in the back will automatically supply power to the product immediately. At the same time, the corresponding indicator will flash until the output is always on (the buzzer is reminded during the flashing process). This function avoids the moment. The surge voltage burns out and outputs the connected load.