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What is Voltage Guard?

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1: Function introduction: The voltage protector is a smart household product, which can also be called over-voltage protection device. Its principle is to effectively protect the household appliances by using the voltage range set by the internal MCU program.
2: Working voltage: At present, the voltage of the products produced by the company can be divided into two specifications: 120VAC / 220AC.
3: Current specification: The company's existing production products can be divided into: 13A/15A/16A/20A/30A/50A/80A and so on.
4: Working frequency: 50HZ (220VAC) 60HZ (120AC).
5: Delay time and voltage protection range:
      Customized according to the requirements of different customers.
6: Plug and socket standards: American standard, British standard, German standard, French standard, small South Africa, South Africa and so on.
7: Shell material: PC.